About us

About NY Farms!

What is NY Farms!?

NY Farms! is a broad based statewide coalition of organizations, individuals, businesses, agencies and institutions, committed to the future of New York’s farms and families.

NY Farms! Envisions

  • A vibrant, profitable and diverse agriculture and food system that meets the needs of farm families, consumers and the environment;
  • A New York public that actively supports New York farmers, farming and the protection of productive farmland;
  • An agriculture industry that further enhances the environment, meets food needs, increases economic opportunity, and fosters community development.

The Mission of NY Farms! is to:

  • Strengthen New York agriculture and food systems;
  • Create public awareness of the importance of farming;
  • Promote agriculture and food system literacy;
  • Foster consumer loyalty to New York farm products.How NY Farms! WorksAs a guiding principle, NY Farms! will enhance, not compete with or replace the work of its members. The strategy of NY Farms! is to unify diverse efforts into a broad-based campaign of support for local farms and food systems.